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“The world is moving so fast these days that the man who says it can’t be done is generally interrupted by someone doing it.”

Elbert Hubbard

Alternative Technology to Convert heat into electricity DIRECTLY

Direct conversion of heat into electricity, zero moving parts, zero maintenance, zero noise, clean pure transformation on molecular level.

The implementation of this project is projected to gain profits, when commercialized in fields such as: Electrical Power plants, fed by natural gas and sun heat. Space journeys energy source developments. Mobile power supplies. Camping, outdoor and military.

Innovation factors: Clean Energy, No moving parts. Improved efficiency.

Fields of use: Energy and power, Power for space travel and distant locations, emergency power.

When materials are heated, some energy is dissipated as heat (will not transform). Part is invested in restructuring molecular structure of the material itself, whether it is something intended (forging, bending, resizing, melting, etc.), or not – it will restructure material, due to pumping heat into the material, without any exits, like over-pumping your car’s tire with over-pressure – it surely will cause some problems at the least.

What if you could open exits for heat energy accumulated in the material, so instead of structural change – it will actually transform into electrical energy, via those provided “exits”.

Similar to a dam: Overfill it with water – without directing water into turbines, and get no energy produced – the water will just overspill, and create extra stress on a dam, similar to heat, “overfilling” the material, causing stresses and over-spills in a form of waste heat. Now if you direct water into the water turbines – you get feasible energy, and controlled stress on the dam.

We trust, we going to create those “turbines”, on molecular level, inside the material, to create direct transmutation of heat energy into electrical energy.

If you willing to imagine the analogy of the water dam – you will understand the idea behind a project. 

Note: This project is NOT based on Peltier elements, or known thermionic conversion methods.

Required capital:

  1. Proof of concept:             250,000
  2. Prototype:                         2,000,000

Fuel-free electric engine for space journey

Current technology suggests to throw something out to space, and use the opposite momentum to move the spacecraft. It’s a good way to start and land probably, especially near planets. But for long journeys you don’t need much energy – that is the beauty of space. And yet – what if something goes wrong and you lost in space without any left fuel in your tanks (and fuel can be ionic gas, rocket fuel or anything else that can actually END). What then? I bet you would still like to move around and search for the right track. It is like a ship without fuel, wind and any means to move forward. Horrible but most attractive way to describe the problem. It could be a research unmanned space-craft, that might have empty fuel tanks = mission failed, at least money wasted.

Well here are some thoughts for a start: How do planets keep moving, not just around themselves, but around sun for example. Everyone can say – well..– it is gravitational, which means nothing, since no-one really understands what IS the gravity?? Big question mark! We don’t say that we completely understand it – that would be too foolish of us. Yet the facts remain – planets do move infinitely, so there is much more involved, rather than gravity “explanation”.  We believe the movement is created by simultaneous factors as a self -supporting system which could be described in a simplest way as: Spin of the planet itself, inside its orbit around sun, affected by spins of other planets, wherein equilibrium of positions is reached, causing constant energy transfers within THE SYSTEM. We trust, when an object introduced within the system, and given correct motion trajectories, corelated within solar system play-rules, then this object becomes a part of THE system, so by small changes of its motion trajectories, can be navigated in any direction with consumption of just electrical energy, without use of any fuel.

Notes: This project is not related to any propulsion engine, ionic engine and solar sails.

Required capital:

  1. Proof of concept:             500,000              
  2. Prototype:                         4,000,000

Energy Harvesting – Collect energy from structure joints and materials

There is a lot stress applied on joining elements of any structure and suspension. We propose a technology, which is modular, and simple to scale into major industries. The technology and its outcome in a form of modular device system, will be installed, to extract energy when mechanical stresses are applied to elements. Proposed Technology can be implemented in: variety of products for marine vessels, traffic signs – specifically in non-stable climates and charging pads for electric cars.

Innovation factors: Clean energy. Use of existing structures.

Fields of use: Marine vessels. Remote automation. Traffic signs/Highways.

Required capital:

  1. Proof of concept:             150,000              
  2. Prototype:                         850,000

The Build-In Energy Harvesting means for Ship Containers

Significant % of ship containers are lost in the ocean, and provoke realistic danger to the environment and other ships moving around. Such as when lost container floats and its surface is even within water level – IT IS NOT SEEN by yachts (example), till it is TOO LATE. Another scenario: Cooling air is supplied to shipping containers, that contain frozen foods inside. That is significant energy consumption, required from the carrying marine vessel.

We propose independent and modular energy harvesting blocks, that are installed within the container embodiment, for supply of electrical energy to the container to be used for various purposed, such as per need of described scenarios. Beyond of energy blocks, we propose a solution in a form of independent blocks for cooling of the containers, to be modular with the energy blocks described.

Innovation factors: Independent power to ship containers. Power for GPS and visual signals of lost-in-sea floating containers.

Fields of use: Sea ship containers. Marine vessels. Remote automation.

Required capital:

  1. Proof of concept:             150,000              
  2. Prototype:                         850,000

The Non-invasion build-up prevention, by acoustic waves

Acoustic cleaning is a method to prevent buildup of material on surfaces.

An acoustic generator creates a series of rapid and powerful sound pressure waves transmitted into a build-up. This causes de-bonding of the build-up particles from the surface. Once they have been separated then the material will fall off and carried away by supplied gas stream. Ref: “Acoustic cleaning”. From Wikipedia.

Till we came in the picture, it was not practically possible to implement this technology for chemical process pipes, smaller scale chambers, HVAC ducts and liquid lines, due to mainly depression of the acoustic wave in pipes, and non-compatibility to chemical gases.

Proposed solution is beyond proof-of-concept stage, and we are seeking for partnering opportunities and investments to develop this technology further to commercialization in chemical, pharma and other industries.  

Innovation factors: Prevention over cleaning, chemical compatibility, frequencies match to type of build-up.

Fields of use: Chemical and Pharmaceutics manufacturing

Required capital:

  1. Proof of concept:             Completed.       
  2. Prototype:                         350,000
  3. Commercialization:         1,500,000

Assistive wearable digital device to establish easier control of other devices

The device is projected to send commands of control, while being worn, for disabled people, people in danger that require help, gamers, artists, etc..  

Innovation factors: Small wearable, diverse body parts can be used for activation.

Fields of use: Disability people, Emergency control, Gamers.


Required capital:

  1. Proof of concept:           150,000              
  2. Prototype:                       800,000

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  1. Disaster prediction.
  2. Energy, Emergency and distant power. 
  3. Space.
  4. Medical.