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Create Non-Existent

“The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.”

Nikola Tesla

About us:

There are enough resources to make a world a better place for more people to enjoy, recover and explore. It is all out there for everyone. We help invent technology, to access those resources.

We invent, perform proof-of-concept and prototyping. We do it for-profit, always targeting to higher practical benefits realization, rather than limited research. Our goal is to grow, have a super-creative place to work in, create and SELL things that people can only DREAM of.

We work with organizations, government and private individuals.

Please test us with minimal risk for you, and then decide whether we worth it or not, for you. We are extremely interested and committed to project success, not only moneywise but also to make meaning and humanity progress as an outcome.

For ones that seek for Inventors, to build a DREAM PROJECT:
Become our investor,
OR contract us out, give us a try with minimal risk for you.
We CAN do it ONLY with YOUR support.

Here is why us:

  • Some people can sing, play and paint. We INVENT.
  • You get reduced buyer/investor risk business model, so important to mitigate R&D risks.
  • We got a hot project list, just waiting for investment, to assure – progress in those brings scalable business, and benefits humanity.
  • We are not heavy cranked or slow-moving – but agile and focused, forged by life to reduce waste.
  • Our work is not limited by space and equipment. We got access to Industrial research organizations, Education institutes labs, CNC shops, and immediate HR support. Your gain: more creative, effective and faster results.