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Our Portfolio:

Smart protection for a vehicle.

Client: Amayadori

Industry Category: Smart City Technologies.

This state-of-the-art automobile safeguarding port integrates a versatile rolling net system, which offers robust hail and snow defense as well as shading benefits, all the while allowing a healthy passage of sunlight. Its design ensures dependable coverage along with superior resistance to wind gusts. Among its other noteworthy features is an automatic snow clearance system implemented on its rooftop. This intuitive mechanism significantly minimizes the build-up of snow, enhancing its functionality and convenience during winter weather conditions.

Energy harvesting on Marine vessel

Client: Canadian Coast Guard.

Industry Category: Green energy / Energy harvesting.

This energy-harvesting technology provides a specialized approach to extract energy from slow-moving structural sources, for applications such as marine energy, marine vessels, navigation buoys, railroads signaling, and EV (electric vehicle) charging infrastructure. The technology’s distinguishing feature is its capability to harness energy from low-frequency and low-displacement sources. It demonstrates versatility and holds promise for implementation across various industries.

Enhance Productivity with SeeRem: Streamlined Worksite Connections

Client: SEEDA

Industry Category: Software - mobile and we apps

SeeRem is a mobile and web application that is aimed towards companies in the energy, construction, agricultural, and government industries, developed to improve the productivity of the company by connecting staff to the work sites in a fast and convenient way. The application allows a company’s staff to have the ability to locate devices, classify users, and make connections through official channels that are approved by the company. The SeeRem application further supports connections in a wide range of locations. Our SeeRem technology is designed to improve work sites visibility in an inexpensive and real-time manner. Get the application today to start your journey to better remote communication.

Vortex Machine Gun for fast effective sanitizing with dust removal.

Client: Canadian Department of National Defense.

Industry Category: Sanitizing devices

The Vortex Machine Generator (VMG), shoots controlled pulses of supersonic gas-liquid mixture jets. It can inject liquid or gel into the jet for applying on surfaces. With fluid-dynamics and power control, it effectively covers, removes dust, and treats hard-to-reach, complex, and sensitive surfaces. The VMG is scalable, safe, and mobile, operating in manual or automatic mode.

Exhaust gas pipes clogging prevention, by supersonic wave.

Client: Self-run

Industry Category: Semiconductor manufacturing.

The automated acoustic cleaning method utilizes an acoustic generator to produce timed and supersonic waves, preventing thrombosis (blockages) in pipes. These waves dislodge solid particles such as ash, dust, gas residues, or powder, causing them to detach from each other and the surfaces they adhere to. A gas stream is then employed to carry away the separated particles, ensuring smooth flow in the pipes while preventing thrombosis.

XLEG Crutch alternative.

Client: XLEG

Industry Category: Prosthetic devices.

Allowing you to walk normally while healing from a lower leg injury.

Academic prototyping and design.

Client: Student groups and individuals.

Industry Category: Academic projects.

We did various projects to help students succeed in their ventures.

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Our experience includes: mechanical design, software design, testing, prototype manufacturing, patent guidance, general startup guidance, inventions, general grant information and more.

About our company

Afel Technologies is an R&D company, with a strong portfolio of providing research and prototyping services to our clients including the Government of Canada, Canadian Department of National Defense, private companies and Academic sector.

In addition, our company is busy with developing and prototyping the novel TFM (Transverse Flux Motor). When fully developed – this motor would be able to be integrated in robotics and bionics niches.

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